A Short Story of Romance: The Beach Trip Find

It was a typical sunny day with clear skies and plenty of sunshine. Taylor was set to hop into her Jeep and head down to the beach.  She had all her necessary gear, which included the cooler and the standard box-o-wine.  None of her friends could make it today. She was flying solo, all with the exception of her black lab, Tito. Tito loved to go play in the sand and was not scared of the water at all. Chasing the seagulls, crashing waves,  and anything that moved in the wind.

In typical beach fashion, she was a beach hippy to the max, with her quaint round sunglasses, macrame necklaces , turquoise anklets, straw hat with butterfly head wrap,  and surfer bracelets strung in disarray around her tan wrist. 

Tito was rockin’ his camo bandana, they both looked the part. THEY were ready for the beach.

It wouldn’t take long for her to get to her paradise of peace. Her apartment was  nestled in the middle of a sleepy island about 15 minutes from the beach.  She appreciated the fact that she could load up and be in the surf and sand at a moments notice. 

She needed a day to be alone and to meditate since she recently broke up with her boyfriend of two years.  She was 23 and he just turned 24. She shook her head as she thought how he ruined their relationship in an instant. He figured it wouldn’t hurt anything to indulge in a 26 year old since it was his birthday.  He got caught and thus the break up. One thing about Taylor, she didn’t play.  

 She thought he was a fool. after all, she had her stuff together.  She had goals.  Why would he do that? She had it all going for her and could pretty much have anyone she wanted. Did he not realize what he had? Why did he disrespect her in such a way? She was thinking he royally screwed up and how he would beg her back. She laughed out loud as she thought how he would come crawling back and she would come on to him, get him all hot, just to walk away and say no sex for you! buh bye! The reason? Well, beside all of her great qualities, she was really good in bed.  

After giggling about this she finally cleared her mind as she pulled up onto the  bright sandy beach.

When she always pulled up to the beach, she didn’t have a care in the world and all the problems seemed to drift away to a far away land. Little did she know what lay ahead…

 As she was setting up her shrined area of tranquility, she noticed  a guy surf fishing not too far from her. Tito shot off in a mad dash to the water chasing after a rogue crab. It was mid week, so there was not too many people doing much of anything.   As Tito was in battle with the mighty crab, it caught the attention of the fisherman, and he caught a glimpse of her.  He tried to play it off, but it didn’t work. She realized he was checking her out!

She sat down her straw hat and took off her bandana to readjust her sandy blonde hair with a hair tie, as she one eye squinted with a smile at him. He smiled with his sheepish look of laughter shaking his head looking at the ground.  he came over to introduce himself. Surprisingly he shouted “Taylor how are you doing?”.

Shock set in. 


She was smiling but she had a puzzled look on her face like ‘what the hell’, as she transformed her puzzled smile to a dumbfounded look. 

She could not imagine what was happening.

She was in such disbelief and it genuinely caught her off guard.  As he came closer, she realized…it was a small world.

The handsome green eyed hunk was someone she knew.

It was Jaxon. Of all people. She had known him for years from grade school all the way to graduation. The kicker was, she fantasized about him back then. She had a secret crush for the longest. Every time she saw him she got that school girl fever.  She never let him know, and as all things go in life, opportunities are missed. Classmates go their separate ways and things fade. However, the instant she realized it was him, she knew she was in trouble. A warm feeling deep inside her erupted with butterflies. She had not throbbed like that in a while. She thought oh my God as she seemed so vulnerable with the shocked look and feeling written all over her face. Her confidence that she had earlier, instantly evaporated. 

Luckily for her,  Tito distracted Jaxon just enough that he couldn’t tell how shocked and flush she was from her hormones kicking in.  On the other hand, Jackson got a good enough glimpse of Taylor to get a warm sensation himself.  He thought she was like a model in a magazine and that he accidentally stumbled onto her photoshoot, as if he was in a fantasy. He felt, in more ways than one,  it was a second opportunity of a lifetime. Now, the interesting thing was, he felt the same way about her in school too .What was running through his mind was how in the hell did he get so lucky today? 

What was running through her mind was how in the hell did she get so lucky today?

It was a defining moment for both of them. 

Taylor and Jaxon both knew…..they were not going to squander their opportunity of a lifetime…..













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