A Sunset To Remember

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It was a beautiful sunset, as I looked across the glimmering beach.  Her hair glistened in the dancing waves,  ah yes..my strawberry.

My strawberry, thats what I call her, because of her long red hair.

She was on my mind once again.

I couldn’t get enough of her love and that sparkle in her eyes.

That red hair drenched in the sun as her gypsy heart took my soul away.

     The thought of her gave me butterflies deep down In the core of my universe and staying each time, growing stronger.  Conquering the dismay and calming the storms within my mind.


It was her, her reflection of my soul as I looked deep into the mirror of eternity.

My heart skipped a beat and found it overflowing with euphoric energy.

     An energy of fire that burned for her in such a simple way.


Easy like a flowing river from the mountain with all it’s  majestic beauty and flowing to the sea... and there we sat, on a beautiful beach, looking into each others eyes, cherishing the beauty of us... and gazing at that sunset ...

    that perfect sunset.

                        -Mike Vitek

                        Tribal Coast Art

Has anyone ever made you feel this way?

that connection?

that vibe you get when you meet someone?


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