Short Story: Angelica The Dream Catcher

He whispered to himself as he was unconsciously falling into her drift.  A distant beauty with milk white skin, and eyes of an emerald goddess who reminded him of a friend. Who was she? She gently kissed him with her hand caressing his chin.  Her eyes gazed into his, with confidence, and a deep pleasure of sin.  Flowers bloomed instantaneously with petals falling through the sky.  Laying on a bed of rose petals in a forest of foliage and lush grass on a hillside. It was covered with feral flowers and the scent of jasmine as she seduced him every inch and every mile. She gave him pleasure of another level more than it had for a while. She then rose above him with her arms spread wide, then curtsied as a long time friend.

"Another place, another time, until we meet again".

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