Do You Tango?


They poured onto pier 17 and raced to board the party boat with such excitement. The anticipation of fishing and catching rod bending snapper was just too much adrenaline to bottle up inside.  She smiled as she watched her boys boil over with such excitement. It was a milestone for them to have this much happiness back into their lives.

They were 12 and 13, lost their father in a tragic accident 4 years prior. It had taken a long time for the boys to learn such joy again. She was so proud. 

As for Gabriella aka Gabby, was trying to put back the pieces of her shattered life.  After the accident, She never was quite the same.  Who could after such tragedy? Gabby became a walking zombie, so depressed, for the longest and stopped doing what she loved to do…. which was dance.

Her girlfriends tried so hard to get her to go out and have fun but it just wasn’t the same.  It took a long time for her to get over the sadness.  Finally her and the boys were able to put their lives back together to start living again.

She had to learn the role of being a mom and a dad.  It wasn’t easy because she was a girly girl.  She liked to dress up with heels and make a fashion statement.  Now, she had to compromise into somewhat of a tomboyish look, but she didn’t mind.  It was for the boys, and that was all that mattered to her. The boys were her world and if that’s what it took to take them on adventures and be happy, that’s what she was willing to do.  She found herself actually liking this transformation which she had to balance.

Here she was, getting on a boat to take her kids fishing.  it was an adventure for her, just as much as it was for the boys.

Her boys were giggling, as they were examining the boxes of bait the deckhands were stacking on the bench.

 They thought, how in the world was their mom going to put squid on a hook?!

They were making googly fish eyes and puckering their lips at her laughing the whole time.  She looked at them and instantly laughed out loud so hard she even surprised herself, crying with laughter.

Everyone was finally on board and the boat was ready to head to deeper water.

This fishing trip was ready to take off and she was about to embark on an adventure….she would never forget.

Ramón was soft-spoken and kind hearted. You would never expect it because of his chiseled look.  He liked to work out but he was in really good shape because of the hard work he put in as a fishing captain.

His job was demanding, he was a hands-on type of guy and even though he had deckhands, he was always helping out, because he loved it that much. He didn’t think of himself as the boss. He thought of himself as part of the crew. This is what made him so likable by all that worked for him.

Ramón had serious relationships but nothing ever became permanent.  it just never fit quite right.


Sometimes things happen.


Almost as if the spirit forces know they are destined to migrate into each other and just let it happen…..

As her diet drink was knocked out of her hand, spilling foam soda on the deck, she quickly grabbed it , and looking up to find that she still had hormones. There was Ramón apologizing for accidentally bumping into her and quickly grabbing her drink and searching for a towel. He cleaned the spill in the blink of an eye. A blink of an eye was all it took.

His eyes met hers as he crouched into position cleaning the spill. His eyes were so close she could see his soul.  She couldn’t breathe, he took her breath away in such a way it startled her. She had not felt that in such a great while. It almost scared her, but his soothing voice and sincere eyes made that thought go away very quickly. She felt so safe.


As he gazed into her eyes he saw something that he had been looking for, but could not describe it. He could see an everlasting love and a kindness. A picture is a thousand words and he read them all in a split second.

A heat wave came over his body crashing into a blanket of warmth and serenity.  it took a second for him to realize what was actually happening.

He didn’t know why but he was happy that he “bumped” into her.

Ramón asked Gabby such a random question  “Do you like to tango?”


Gabby didn’t hesitate “You bet”

This was the first of many fishing trips for Ramón, Gabby, and the boys.

And yeah, the tango thing…..

that happened QUITE often….







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