A Short Romance Story: Everlasting Fire of Passion

As he looked up at the dense thick black sky, a billion stars danced through the faint darkness, beaming a mysterious glow through the forest.

 Greeting a faint sound of an owl, echoing through the valley, into a mountain of treetops.


It was still and calm with a brisk coldness, to a beginning fall night.  It was calm without a breath of air. The fire drew a warmth with it's sound of crackling heat and majestic smoke rising straight into the sky.


 It was a perfect scene for him and her.  After staring up admiring the twinkling stars she turned and looked at him with a 

peaceful hunger to which made his heart skip a beat, electrifying signals that made the night even more intense.

There was no doubt in her mind what she felt. She had been waiting for this perfect moment and a flood of hormones rushed to her beckon call. It was sudden and surprising but she felt a certainty, like an old salty ship captain sailing the high seas. 

Her intensity was matched by the methodical touch by him. He knew where to put his fingers and light the fire that was ready to burn. She gently kissed him slowly then biting his bottom lip as he ramped up his methodical pressure of his hand and that turned into a hot passion of animal instinct. 


The echoing was not the owl anymore and the heat was more intense than the fire that burned in the night.  Arousing her made him just the same. It was stiff and he couldn’t get enough.  He took control holding her arms above her head. This ignited her inner spirit of passion. She let her wild horses go and connected her long legs around his sculpted body. She pumped harder into him and the intensity reached a fever pitch only to burst as they both climaxed at the same time. 



They laid in each others arms, with an adrenaline flow releasing their hearts at full throttle. The intense flood of emotion gently lay like an ocean of calm after the storm.  Gently kissing and seeing each others soul as they both fell into a calm dreamy sleep.  It was the beginning. The beginning of their adventure of a lifetime….



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