Sandy Beginnings

The sun started to break over the beach horizon.   Activity began to grow as the sounds of the gentle ocean roar and frolicking seagulls accumulated.  Candice took a deep breath of the ocean air as she opened the french doors and enjoyed the scenery from her deck.

She could smell the spirit of spring time, as the climate was mild and brought a sense of new beginning.  She grabbed her cup of coffee with both hands and pondered life as she took a sip of her coffee.  

She was thinking about her intense feelings for her neighbor Jim. They had known each other for years being just neighbors. They became closer as he went through a nasty divorce. He confided in her and asked her for advice. She was able to help him get through the tough times of that ordeal. 

 It wasn’t until a recent beach party, given by the neighborhood community, that they both realized there was a spark between them. The spark only needed a gentle nudge by the cocktails and shots of fireball.  However, the shots of fireball became way more than a nudge.  

The playful banter and flirting came out.  By the end of the night, everyone dispersed, then they were sitting alone, looking up at the bright moon, and the sparkles on the water.  

Their eyes met with a heat flash intensity that meant only one thing…..passionate sex. 

She snapped out of it as a dog barked on the beach close by. 

Was this all a dream?

She had not heard from Jim in three days. She thought did he change his mind about her? Did he not have these feelings anymore? Maybe there is someone else in his life? Or was it just something she conjured in her mind? What could it be?

(to be continued) 

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