The Beach Romance Series

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 After all, she had just met him.  She thought about it for a minute and decided to throw caution to the wind.  

Her burning desire got the best of her, to tickle that fancy deep within, and to escape to unexplored territories. Her mind raced with fantasies that she danced around many times lately. She just did'nt have one to share that with, until possibly now? 

The scenarios came endless with the image of him in her naughty thoughts.  It was a seamless transition to plug these thoughts with him as the centerpiece of her burning soul.

He was what she desired and it was tantalizing to think that she would get her chance to meet up with him again, that night, on the beach, with the tiki torches burning a slow fade of yellow, flickering into a fire of mischief.(to be continued)

What is it about falling in love? 





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