Travelin’ Gypsy Philosophy


keep it close

dont ever let it stray

a gray sky

keeps company

but a golden sun awaits


keep on keepin’

and don’t be afraid

it’s just the price

the price you have to pay


nothin’ in life comes easy

on those windin’ roads that you made

its all part of a grand scheme

you gotta keep hope and pray


travel that road on a dime

best way to

keep from bein’ blind

the truth of life that most

can’t see

you’ll discover

to put your mind at ease


unlock that prison

don’t keep  your mind in chains

break through

keep on

keep on

keep on chasin’ wild dreams


climb high on that mountain

no matter how tough it is

reach for the sky

give it a

confident kiss


be proud of rising above

and turning that magical key

for not all make this…

most don’t have a philosophy


Take all your adventures

and be grateful you didn’t miss

because all those adventures

gave you so many gifts

- Michael Vitek 10/15/2022







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