Tribal Coast Art: The Essence and Spirit of The Tribe


That familiar sound of waves crashing

dispersing over the sand

A gentle whisper of the wind

A timeless feeling that gives a sense of being

The smell of the salt air

The sounds of seagulls in the distance

The tones of vast colors that change through the clouds

The sparkling rays of sun through the falling waves and into the trough of random foam

Ships off in the distance slowly moving across the horizon only to disappear majestically unnoticed

this is the magic of

     the beach

                   the ocean

these are the things we seek to calm our souls to reset our energy

              to be at peace

      and admire the beauty of life

    many do not understand

          the consciousness of these things

               but we do

the tribe we belong to

this is the tribe

      the tribe within

the tribe that sees the beauty

    the tribe that connects

           the tribe of the spirit

the tribe of the soul




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